Williams - Wabler - W30 Silver Nu-Wrinkle

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Williams - Wabler - W30 Silver Nu-Wrinkle

The Williams Wabler is the lure that founded the fishing tackle division of the Williams Company 100 years ago. The most recognized and still today most popular model in the Williams series, the Wabler has been a mainstay of anglers. Originally popular as a lake trout spoon, the Wabler has proven itself, as the photo gallery of past literature will attest to, on a multitude of species including; rainbows, browns and all members of the trout family. A northern pike favourite, musky, walleye and salmon as well as salt water species in coastal waters.The Wabler, as are all Williams lures, is stamped from premium polished brass. A multi-step plating operation then applies the genuine silver and/ or 24k gold finishes Williams lures are renown for. These are not standard silver and gold finishes either. The final step in the Williams plating processincorporates a further plated “electroclear” outer coat which is then baked on. This process does not dull the finish as a laquer would. It does render Williams silver and half & half finishes saltwater resistent and basically tarnish proof.

Length - 1.5"

Weiht - 1/7oz

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